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Box Jumping


FMS: About

My goals for my FMS class athletes include:

  • Injury prevention

  • Screening and addressing weaknesses and correcting asymmetries

  • Agility and speed improvements

  • Increasing vertical jump and decreasing landing impact force

  • Mobility and stability/strength improvements

The Functional Movement Systems (FMS) screen is a system of screening individuals (athletes and non-athletes!) to gauge their movement capabilities so they can "play to their strengths and work on their weaknesses." The FMS philosophy is to move well, THEN move often.

So often athletes, who may be squatting with their knees caving in, are told to start lifting or starting training and then they begin performing the same poor-quality movement patterns but under stress of weight or speed. This will not lead to good outcomes, both performance-wise and injury-wise!

The FMS system breaks down movements into 7 patterns, and then I evaluate the athlete in each one, and score them on a scale of 0-3 (zero being pain, 1 being they could not perform the pattern, 2 being performed but not perfectly, such as having a left to right assymetry, and 3 being perfectly/meeting the criteria for a given pattern).

The total score is not to be looked at as a pass/fail, but as a measure of which movement patterns need improvement. We can tell a lot about strength and mobility by which patterns could use improvement. I use that information from the screen to develop a plan that is specific for the individual or group.

For example, I see a lot of core and upper body weakness in young female athletes. When I see a trend in a small group of athletes, I tailor their program to emphasize core engagement and upper body and shoulder stability, which is vital to a volleyball athlete.

The 8 session training program is very progressive - starting with the basics and becoming more advanced as form improves. For example, I like to see quality jump-"loading" and soft landings before advancing the jump training.

Check out the FMS website for more info, or contact me to set up an FMS Screen.

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