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Movement-Pattern Based Performance Training

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Hello athletes, parents and coaches! My name is Lisa, and I have a passion for helping young athletes improve their skills and abilities in a unique way. Whether you or your child's goal is to play in college, or to improve for the enjoyment of the sport, I believe that assessing movement is the starting point for improving. My functional movement systems (FMS) based training is a unique approach to finding areas to improve, such as asymmetries, inefficient movement patterns, weaknesses in certain areas of the body (upper- or lower-body, core), and correcting and improving those.

At AVT, we first focus on movement patterns and muscle engagement ("move WELL"). Once the athlete masters great form, we add reps and load ("move OFTEN").

My training is a tool to give you an edge above your competition - if all else is equal, you are going to be the quicker, stronger, and higher-jumping athlete.

My other goal is to aid in injury prevention. Unfortunately, non-contact injuries (knees, ankles and shoulders) are commonplace in volleyball. This program works to strengthen the shoulder and work on lower body movement patterns for each athlete (such as engagement the posterior chain in a squat/passing position), so you can set yourself up for success.

I hope I can be a part of your training to be the best athlete you can be! 

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